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Scorpio Love Horoscope

      Data presented in the report is abstract characteristics and you cannot receive the correct forecast. To receive more accurate predictions you can use the follow link read your personal horoscope and fill out the form.

      Scorpio is sensual nature, prone to excesses, including love. Scorpio has been created for romance; he tends to them with all being. Scorpio does not admit defeat. He knows the value of his charm.
      Scorpio, if circumstances are such that it is impossible to conclude a marriage, would love her chosen stronger and tenderer than the wife or husband. He listens only to what he was saying his heart.

      Scorpio man is not inclined to exercise on people's feelings. In public, he is rude, inconsiderate and even cruel, alone, he confesses in the true respect. He is very suspicious and jealous. Woman Scorpio are partly witch.

       She recognizes by sixth sense her future partner at first sight. He was nothing left but to obey her magical charms. Scorpio woman is extremely passionate. For them, passion is relevant only to the amorous pleasures. She had similar feelings to all around: it is either passionately love or madly hates.

       Scorpio woman is being terribly jealous, does not like being jealous of her. And refrain from jealousy of the Scorpio is very difficult, because it attracts glances.

       Cancer, Pisces, Libra, Virgo is ideal for marriage and collaborative. Scorpio must avoid Aquarius and Leo.

Scorpio Man in Love

      Man in love has strong passion and sensuality, and the willingness to sacrifice, is distinguished from the rest of the zodiac signs. Often, that passion turns into a loss of a loved one. Scorpio man is very emotional, he needs love, he craves it, and he asks her. Love - this is their life's fuel. Astrologers agree on is that the Scorpio - the sexiest of all signs of the zodiac.

      As the King in all sexual matters, Scorpio man approach to sex with ease and usually begin to engage them at an early age, because they are sexually attractive, even if not very beautiful. Everyone sees lust that comes from them, but if he sees it feels. People want to caress them, want to be always with them, because they are aware of the internal forces that are hidden in the passionate nature of Scorpio.

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